AZ rep calls for investigation into “unsafe summer work conditions” after letter carrier cooks a steak on mail truck’s dashboard

PHOENIX — Arizona State Representative Shawnna Bolick (R-20) is asking for an investigation into what she describes as unsafe work conditions for Valley postal service workers.

“It is shocking to hear of postal workers having to endure the extreme Arizona temperatures that result in delivery trucks, many of which do not have air conditioning, regularly reaching above 128 degrees,” Bolick wrote. “Working conditions must be improved immediately to ensure the safety of mail carriers subjected to these dangerous temperatures.”

She says many of the workers do not have proper air condition in their vehicles, causing for unsafe conditions.

According to Bolick, a worker in her district has sent her daily updates of temperature readings inside a mail carrier vehicle that average 128 degrees.

Bolick says a worker even used their dashboard to cook a steak to an internal temperature of 142 degree to show how hot the vehicle gets during the day.

Source: AZ rep calls for investigation into “unsafe summer work conditions” for postal workers

  • theinstigator

    But they send us messages on our scanners to turn the fan on if we get hot. What more could we want. Management cares for us deeply. Just drink more water they say. Forget the fact that you can’t touch the floor or firewall with your bare hand or you will get burnt. Let’s keep driving these 30 year old trucks. That’s all we deserve.