Mail carrier tosses fragile packages in driveway

GREEN COVE SPRINGS, Fla. – Video shows a mail carrier tossing packages in a local driveway.

A not-so-special delivery has one weather buff hot under the collar.

Paul Nowotony’s surveillance cameras caught the mail carrier in a van throwing packages in his Green Cove Springs driveway, and you can see this wasn’t a gentle toss.

“She’s a baseball player. She’s throwing the packages across the yard,” he said.

Source: EXCLUSIVE: Mail carrier tosses fragile packages in local driveway | WJAX-TV

  • Heather Aaronson

    Lovely. No mention at all of her driving her vehicle from the passenger seat and how unsafe that must be. Didn’t the newsreaders notice?

    They should probably cancel all of this type of door-to-door rural delivery and go back to the pre-RFD system of delivering all the packages and most letters to the town’s post office, or its General Store if they don’t have one. And then close the post offices if they lose money.

    Save a lot of money that way, and lives lost from driving from the wrong side of the car. And it’s a GREEN idea because it cuts down on fuel emissions.

  • Michael Hinterweger

    Driving from the passenger side is done by tens of thousands of carriers everyday. There are carriers with 1,000,000 miles and no accidents. I did it for years. It’s not hard and it’s safe. It’s also legal.