NALC, USPS formally open 2019 bargaining talks

The leaders of the National Association of Letter Carriers and the United States Postal Service formally opened negotiations for a new collective-bargaining agreement today.

In his opening statement, NALC President Fredric Rolando told Postmaster General Megan Brennan that, “As always, we will seek to preserve and improve the standard of living for city letter carriers. We aim to move forward, not backward. There will be no concessions offered or given. But we will work diligently and professionally to find common ground and mutual progress.”

“We are committed to work with you in good faith and to do whatever it takes to achieve a mutually beneficial contract,” he said. “But we are equally committed to fight for such a contract in interest arbitration, if necessary.”

President Rolando’s full statement is available here.

The present collective-bargaining agreement is set to expire at midnight on Sept. 20. More information on the opening session and future updates on bargaining will be in the NALC Bulletin, The Postal Record, on the NALC Member App and NALC’s social media accounts.

Source: NALC, USPS formally open 2019 bargaining talks | National Association of Letter Carriers AFL-CIO

  • Nathan

    Well Mr. Fred I appreciate your enthusiasm for us in the NALC, but I also think it’s time
    for us to realize we have to make changes here to remain competitive as it’s all heating
    up mainly due to Amazon trying to take over half the world. Walking routes need to be
    eliminated off the bat. All routes should be evaluated and that will take care of all the
    carriers milking their routes for unwarranted overtime. I know in my office alone, it’s a joke how many come in right off the bat on light routes , and state they need 45 mins help!
    Saturday delivery needs to be cut asap. We need to obviously focus on being 100%
    with our scans for all parcels our office is getting closer to that goal. I do agree with
    investing our funds differently, integrating medicare, offering more services to increase
    our profits for a change. And yeah it would require less management as well not just
    butchering the craft employees. But we simply can’t have our cake and eat it too 24/7
    and be in denial whilst stating we’re going to not hear about any concessions. Let’s
    bargain from a position of strength Vs. weakness, it really is a novel concept.

  • What D. Eff

    Good Luck! PMG Brennan’s 10 year plan is gonna take nearly 2 billion dollars away from employees!