Tales of the OIG: Recent Investigations of USPS executives

Marijuana gummies and sex in the office are among the highlights of the most recent OIG report to Congress. The Office of Inspector General is required to submit a report on its activities to Congress twice a year. Included in the report is a listing of investigations of USPS PCES Executives.

Here’s the list for the period from October 1 1018 through March 31, 2019:

Substantiated allegations:

  1. We investigated an allegation that a Postal Service district manager allowed his fiancée, who is also a postal employee, to work at home in lieu of securing child care for their children.While the investigation was not referred for prosecution, the OIG provided its Report of Investigation (ROI) to the Postal Service’s vice president for appropriate action.

    The manager entered into a settlement agreement with the Postal Service and relinquished his position as district manager.

  2. We investigated an allegation that, while on travel for a business meeting, a Postal Service manager purchased marijuana “gummies” and insisted that subordinate employees eat them. The manager also directed the employees, who were in a government vehicle, to take gummies back to the manager’s duty station.The investigation was referred for prosecution, but not accepted. The OIG provided its ROI to the Postal Service for appropriate action. The manager was removed from the Postal Service.
  3. We investigated an allegation that a district manager approved the production and use of unauthorized parking placards for Postal Service employees to park in prohibited or metered spaces to avoid parking tickets. The placards were produced by a Postal Service print shop.

    The investigation was not referred for prosecution. The OIG provided its ROI to the Postal Service for appropriate action. The district manager was given a formal discussion. In addition, the print shop was closed.

Unsubstantiated allegations

  1. We investigated an anonymous allegation that an executive caused workplace environment issues, failed to pay employees correctly, and committed travel fraud.The OIG conducted investigative steps that included but were not limited to email and travel record reviews and database searches for any additional complaints. The steps did not disclose any information to substantiate the allegations.
  2. We investigated an allegation that a Postal Service executive was reportedly observed having sexual relations with another postal employee in a postal facility administrative office. The investigation revealed that the executive was engaged in a personal relationship with the employee, but the allegation was not substantiated. During the investigation, it was discovered that the executive used his government-issued phone to view and store sexually explicit images.The investigation was not referred for prosecution. The OIG provided its ROI to the Postal Service for appropriate action. For the misuse of the assigned phone, the executive was downgraded.
  3. We investigated an allegation that a postal executive’s relationship with a director of a foreign postal operator caused the appearance of a lack of impartiality related to the executive’s involvement in a Postal Service debt-settlement agreement with the foreign post. The investigation confirmed that the executive had a personal relationship with the director of the foreign postal operator, but did not substantiate a lack of impartiality.The investigation was not referred for prosecution. The OIG provided its ROI to the Postal Service for appropriate action. Postal Service management instituted a new process requiring multiple levels of review and approval for external correspondence concerning financial matters.

Source: USPSOIG Semiannual Report to Congress October 1, 2018 — March 31, 2019

  • Red

    The Postal service has gone to pot. No uniforms that identify them as mail persons., disheveled personal appearances, tatoos, etc. Mail, packages are sometimes delivered in personal cars by people in street clothes. Seems very unorganized and willy, nilly. Their postage for pkgs. are much too high..that is why people internet shop.

  • Al

    As a retired federal employee I DO NOT find this story unbelievable OR far from the truth.My first introduction into the federal way of doing daily business was an eye opener,having coming from a private blue chip company ….this was very foreign to me. I can personally account for the harassment and how easy it would be to get sucked into a situation even when you are not involved. You are surrounded by people whose only job is to get to the next pay grade and won’t stop at anything to get there.Don’t get me wrong,there are even more people who have work ethics and a sense of responsibility.I fortunately came into the system with ethics and morals and responsibility having completed another career prior.I think those going into the federal system directly are more likely to be tainted, having nothing to fall back on.
    You push to do the right thing and tomorrow you have to push harder. This is one of many stories…many !

  • paul

    I dislike tattos, but that should be a non-call.

  • Nathan

    I think it’s rural carries whom you’re referring to. I agree they should be required to wear uniforms. City carries are mandated to wear uniforms and it’s more strict. Actually the USPS
    is about the cheapest option like it or not for shipping. Amazon made a huge mistake in starting this “willy-nilly” delivery garbage set up that they are currently offering all of their customers. Pay nim rods 15 bucks an hour 70 hours a week massive turnover rate and packages being left at wrong doors all the time. They should just pay the Usps a fair rate and kept it the way it was. Anyhow, the union can also start to admit that they need to go to 5 day delivery and start to think to run this business more smart and savvy to keep things profitable over the long haul

  • Donald Ray Lantrip

    If the PO goes to 5 day delivery what makes you think Saturday will be the day elimanated?? Could you imagine the Mondays !!
    I think it would be a lighter day during the week.

  • Nathan

    Saturday needs to be the day no doubt about it. Businesses are mostly closed on Saturdays as well. Each Holiday we have for example, it becomes more and more easier to handle 2 days of mail. It’s declining, let’s face it and do something about it or face more losses!!

  • equestrian13

    Congress is not going to allow 5 day delivery. Look at the bills and number of sponsors. It WON’T happen! Rural carriers do NOT need to wear uniforms! Read our handbooks and manuals regarding our attire.

  • equestrian13

    Your dislike of tattoos is a personal issue. Grow up! It’s my right to have or not have tattoos. I will not wear a uniform! I dress according to the language set forth governing rural carrier attire.

  • CCAS are the Future

    You’re exactly right. We used to have a brand that relied on a professional look as part of our whole package of sanctity of the mail. Now we have clerks and rural routers delivering express mail as well as regular mail, in clothes you’d wear to bed. And the whole tattoo issue? I actually like tattoos, but we have so many postal carriers walking around with God awful leg tattoos, looks like tramp stamps on steroids…

  • CCAS are the Future

    We need new language for “rural carrier attire” then. You all look like you’re going to the gym or just rolling out of bed.

  • equestrian13

    Go ahead and TRY to re-negotiate our CONTRACT. Your a freaking CCA who’s overly controlling, sensitive and jealous that we basically get to wear what we want. We are RURAL carriers, not city. Grow up!

  • equestrian13

    Do you read up on our legislative issues? If not, you need to. We will NOT be going to 5 day service.

  • equestrian13

    Even the military and Law Enforcement agencies have changed their tattoo policies. It’s not anyone’s business but my own. If I want a tat, I will get a tat. Sheesh people who can’t mind their own business about personal preferences need to get over themselves.

  • CCAS are the Future

    Not sensitive or jealous that you look like Amazon Flex drivers as you deliver mail. Sickened by the fact you rural carriers look like you just rolled out of bed and put on some sweatpants to show off the postal brand. Stick your rural contract in your gym bag and go to your workout instead of coming to work.

  • CCAS are the Future

    The difference is military and law enforcement wear uniforms while you rural carriers are in sweatpants and tattered t-shirts diminishing the postal brand. Go get another tat and a new pair of sweatpants, your customers are waiting!! Probably don’t need to shower for a few more days though.

  • equestrian13

    Where is the USPS going to get the money for Rural Carrier Uniform allowance? They can’t even get new vehicles. Some Districts are taking LLVs from the Rural Craft and giving to City Craft. Do you know why? There are no more LLVs. Maybe the USPS should require City Carriers to use their own vehicles. So, again I ask, where’s the money coming from to give us a uniform allowance?

  • CCAS…

    Pandora’s Box has been opened…management foolishly allowed rural carriers to not wear the brand years ago and we’re never going back…unfortunately. The vehicle issue is a procrastination by our postal leadership to replace our fleet, not a financial issue. If the PO wants to replace something they’ll do it in their own time. The pittance which is a $437 a year uniform allowance is chump change. The fact is, you rural carriers come to work in clothes that should be saved for your bedroom or gym. Take some pride in your appearance for heavens sakes, you’re representing the PO.