California postal inspector charged with stealing money orders from the mail

Daron Tarver, a thirteen year veteran postal inspector from Northern California, faces up to five years in federal prison after being charged with stealing money orders from the mail. Tarver is alleged to have enlisted the help of a supervisor at a Modesto post office with whom he was in a relationship. The supervisor would send Tarver photos of suspicious packages, and he would tell her which items he wanted her to hold for him. Tarver would open the packages and remove money orders, presumably the proceeds from drug shipments, before resealing the packages.

Court documents show that Tarver was not actually assigned to drug investigations.

Over time, the supervisor became increasingly suspicious of Tarver, especially after he began to offer her some of the intercepted money orders. She also was alarmed when Tarver told her not to mention his activities to the two other postal inspectors who worked out of his office. When she sent Tarver information on one package via her official email account, she said he became furious.

Finally, in September of last year, the supervisor shared her suspicions with two postal inspectors who visited the Modesto office to investigate an unrelated case.

Following an OIG investigation, Tarver was indicted in November on charges of money order theft and attempting to bribe a federal employee. The next hearing in his case is scheduled for July 18, 2019.

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