Mail carrier needs surgery after dog attack in Michigan

WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. – A mail carrier needs surgery Friday after being attacked by a dog that jumped through the window of her truck in Washington Township, according to police.

The incident happened at a home in the 2800 block of Clamar Drive, officials said.

Washington Township dog attack scene
Police were called to the scene of a dog attack in Washington Township. (WDIV)

Macomb County deputies confirmed they were called to the scene for reports of a dog bite.

Witnesses described the mail carrier’s injuries as “horrifying.”

Neighbor Christy Durkee said she heard a horn blaring in her driveway and found the mail carrier screaming hysterically and badly bleeding.

The 20-year veteran told her husband she was leaning into the mail box from her open window when a dog jumped through the window and started biting her.

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  • Dawn

    Who has an invisible dog fence all the way out to their mailbox?? That’s crazy. Hope she make a full recovery! Thoughts and prayers from 34604, 09, and 10.

  • Beth

    If the mailbox at 0:45 is the actual location and that trash can was there as it is in the picture, the carrier had to lean way out of the window to insert the mail. She could have held delivery for that day as is her right when the box is blocked. Unfortunately, most people don’t understand that and simply think carriers are too lazy to stretch or step out of the vehicle. Another concern is dogs and cats in general. Most people believe and actually tell a carrier that their dog or cat won’t attack. That is NEVER true! I implore everyone to pay attention to the safety of others (not just mail carriers) who are performing a service for them. Contain your animals when anyone is on your property and please don’t allow them to run loose. Before you answer the door, put the dog in another room. Countless times animals run out of the door and attack before they can be restrained. I wish this carrier fast recovery not just physically but emotionally and mentally so she is able to continue with her career.