Pittsburgh NDC Returning To Normal After Mercury Spill

WARRENDALE (KDKA) — The Warrendale Postal Network Distribution Center is back up and running after it was shut down for two weeks due to a mercury spill.

It was shut down on Sunday, March 24.

But, this morning, signs were posted all over the facility welcoming employees back to work.

KDKA is learning more about what happened inside the postal facility in Warrendale on March 24. The U.S. Postal Service temporarily stopped daily mail processing operations after it received an improperly mailed package containing mercury. The package leaked, so the USPS contacted environmental specialists to contain the spill.

Employees shoes were taken at the time to prevent them from tracking the mercury home, booties were provided and mail processing was stopped so the element wouldn’t leave the facility.

Source: Warrendale Mail Processing Facility Returning To Normal After Mercury Spill – CBS Pittsburgh