USPS driver parks in handicap space

SAN ANTONIO — Levi Rodgers knows his way around a wheelchair.

The 17-year U.S. Army veteran and Purple Heart recipient said he spent a couple months using one after an IED explosion in Afghanistan. The bomb killed four of his friends; Rodgers was the only survivor.

He went on to become an advocate for military veterans.

“(There is a) tremendous amount of friends of mine that are amputees or paralyzed,” he said.

Friends like Harry Shaw, another Army veteran bound to a wheelchair for more than 35 years. Those friends are also why Rodgers is speaking out after catching a United States Postal Service driver parked in a handicap spot at Stinson Municipal Airport.

The driver, he says, was taking up a valuable space.

“Bottom line: Every day in San Antonio there are people in wheelchairs that cannot park and enter and exit their vehicles safely,” Rodgers said.

That includes Shaw, who says parking at the far end of H-E-B parking lots isn’t uncommon. In fact, he said it happens so often that he rigged his truck to be able to get in and out through the back.

Rodgers said he hopes shedding light on the incident with the USPS driver will get people thinking twice before parking illegally.

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