Trump budget to demand “major changes” to the U.S. Postal Service

Update: The New York Times confirmed earlier reporting from the Washington Post on Donald Trump’s effort to “save” billions of dollars by implementing unspecified changes to the US Postal Service, which receives no taxpayer funding. Trump’s budget would also increase federal employees’ contributions to the Federal Employees Retirement System, with no increase in benefits. Trump also would increase the share of employee health benefits  paid by federal and postal workers.

The administration also proposed about $100 billion in savings from unspecified reforms to the United States Postal Service and a similar amount from cuts to spending on federal employee pension plans.


The Washington Post reports that Donald Trump will demand  “major changes to the U.S. Postal Service” as part of his budget package aimed at building his “border wall” separating Mexico from the US.

It would cut another $207 billion by making changes to student loan programs over 10 years and an additional $200 billion by changing federal retirement programs and making major changes to the U.S. Postal Service.

Trump, whose regime has delivered massive tax cuts to wealthy elites like his own family, also plans to slash funding for education and health care for poor and middle class Americans

Source: Trump to demand $8.6 billion in new wall funding, setting up fresh battle with Congress – The Washington Post

  • doowoplover534

    Thank God this cancer in the WH will be challenged by the democrats that will thwart any attempts to hurt the people of this country.We don’t need a budget that makes up for the lost revenues from the tax cuts to the rich. Come on Mueller and arrest this criminal.

  • Jason Fraser Lark

    The Post office receives no federal money, So how will changes to the budget effect them? Just more smoke and mirrors by this Idiot!

  • Glen Gibson

    I think the change is to charge Amazon more. The news keeps saying he thinks we don’t charge enough. I have no idea what we charge Amazon but I do know we need bigger and better vehicles and that money needs to come from somewhere. Might as well be from Amazon since they are 75% of my parcels everyday.

  • ron

    It appears to me Drumpf is trying to steal for his vanity wall by ripping off non-profit organizations?AGAIN!

  • Catch_my_DRiFt

    This story is a little light on details. What changes to the retirement system? What changes to the postal system? Are they good changes or bad changes, and why are they good or bad? There are a lot of accusations but few details. Please back up your accusations with some facts. Also be advise that the Washington Post (WaPo) is an advocacy publisher.

  • Catch_my_DRiFt

    Please read the original story. Nowhere in the story does it say anything about the USPS or the retirement system. It does say a lot about the border wall and funding cuts but nothing specific to the USPS or the retirement system. Don’t believe everything you read.

  • Paul Agostini

    I’m retired and left just before the Amazon contract kicked in. I do know it would help the carriers immensely if you were actually given a time per parcel reflected in your DOIS numbers. 2 minutes per parcel is not unreasonable and would eliminate all of that under-time mgt. says you have. As a steward for 20 years I’ve watched the National drop the ball on carriers more and more over the years and have really done a disservice to the rank and file by not negotiating an actual parcel delivery time that becomes part of your daily DOIS figures.

  • Maranatha

    As someone who works for FedEx, you’re wrong. USPS has an unfair advantage in the shipping industry because of their federal funding. USPS model is outdated. We have private companies more than capable of delivering all mail and packages. Taxpayers don’t need to be subsidizing the USPS any longer. Let them sink or swim.

  • Maranatha

    How’d that Mueller time work out for you? Delusional toad.

  • Ronald Munsell

    He’s a Bankrupt dangerous psycho & sociopathic meglomanic….

  • Ronald Munsell

    You are another stupid brainwashed Rethuglikkklan loser….