Sickness blamed for no home mail delivery in parts of Dayton area

KETTERING —  Some people in the Dayton area say they are not getting mail delivered to their homes.

People were coming to pick up their mail Wednesday afternoon at the U.S. Post Office at 1490 Forrer Blvd. in Kettering.

Customers said they were told a number of letter carriers had called off sick. However, staff inside the post office did not confirm this and referred questions to a communications team.

Source: Sickness blamed for no home mail delivery in parts of Kettering

  • Paul C Sullivan

    Does not add up. Employees have reasons for not reporting to work. Managers need to deal with the reality!

  • proudcarrier

    I realize my experience is becoming dated, but my old office was perennially short staffed, especially in winter, when more people got sick. One year I caught a virus my son brought back from school, but the supervisor announced that anyone else calling in sick would have their route totally split up and the mail not all delivered, so it would back up. Completely against all regulations, but they had all subs working overtime, and there were at least three carriers working while sick. I know, because I was one, and two carriers within ten feet of my case. I ended up with shingles, among other things, and this affected my long term health. Within a few years, nearly a third of my office had shingles, which is caused by long term fatigue, among other things.