Brooklyn Residents Take On Postal Service Over Parking Spots

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – An ongoing battle between some residents in Brooklyn and their local post office has intensified and crossed over into vandalism.

An angry message has been delivered to the United States Postal Service in Park Slope: No parking on our street.

A USPS delivery truck in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn was vandalized near the van Brunt post office on Ninth Street. (credit: CBSN New York)

Residents living near the Van Brunt post office on 9th Street say they are so sick of post office trucks parking on the residential street behind the facility. The trucks take a precious, hard-to-find public parking spot, even though the post office has its own private lot for the trucks.

On Wednesday morning, a post office truck was spray painted with graffiti demanding “No parking on 8 street.”

Source: Park Slope Residents Take On Postal Service Over Parking Spots – CBS New York

  • Matt

    How about the supervisor in that branch sets up a nice collection box for 8th street residents to walk to, on 7th or 9th street, for the 8th street folks to walk over to, to get their mail from now on and they can pick up parcels at the post office branch between 9am – 5pm, Monday – Friday? I think that’s the best answer for the hostile and threatening behavior from the 8th street route. Maybe reconsider delivery there in 3 years, too.