Postal workers claim USPS managers force them to falsify package deliveries

SALT LAKE CITY — United States Postal Service employees are saying that USPS managers force employees to falsify delivery information on packages, in order to keep up with on-time delivery rates.

The employees said the delivery rates directly correlate to manager salaries.

Customers around the Salt Lake Valley have voiced concerns on social media that packages shown as ‘delivered,’ don’t arrive for another one to three days on their doorstep.

West Valley City resident Candace Bennion said recently, the USPS showed it delivered three packages to her. While one package arrived, the other two were nowhere to be found.

Source: Postal workers claim USPS managers force them to falsify package deliveries |

  • will cliff

    Scanners are driving people insane,to sit at a computer and track your package from start to finish is insanity ,get a life,the package will get there.many things can happen,visible damage,put in the wrong mail box,most give it back to Carrier the next day if not ,they kept the package themselves or like the video explains ,falsifying records,if the parcel is of value ,send it registered or signature confirmation,All you box trackers are driving your Post office workers to quitting a could be great job ,the last thing they want is 10 to 20 people a day asking where is my package as your Carrier may have up to 200
    parcels yet to be delivered,stop the nonsense,play a game,,have a beer ,over 95%of parcel get where it has to be.

  • will cliff


  • nightworm

    wow… its not hard to scan and deliver. It makes our product more desirable. What a bad attitude. Customers some times have a lot of money involved or need an item for a certain time/ event. The tracking information if entered correctly should lower how many calls and questions you get as they can see the answers for themselves. TERRIBLE ATTITUDE… Thankfully most carriers can see this.

  • will cliff

    Can you imagine a new Employee,first day on the job placing a parcel in the wrong place,because of running the route,it happens ,now the brand new Employee has to deal with a box tracker ,most Customers are very understanding,but you have some ,like you said have money involved or time event ,that is where you need signature confirmation.other than a real pissed off customer ,now it becomes a safety issue,Postal worker has 3 options ,call Supervisor,to find where the delivery took place ,tell customer to call service 1 800 number or have to call police,because he now feels intimidated,and still has 40 more parcels to deliver.I say real time scanning is causing more problems,packages from China do not require a scan ,no scan required,the Chinese get it! this is a game that can end badly,if a cheap product is mailed ,it should not require a delivery scan, every single package does not have to be scanned ,this is totally not needed,out for delivery scan only or end of day ,reason for non delivery,stop putting postal workers in a bad spot,charge more at the window for cheap items .You say it is not hard to scan and deliver ,try it on a 10 degree day with snow and wind or a rainy day when it gets dark early and you have to do a manual scan,please work in the most injurious job in the country and see for yourself,no wonder so many quit.

  • Former Carrier

    They piss in bottles to make time. That’s the real story.

  • dee

    its happening everywhere just diff. type …we now have a second truck that del. to us and we have to del. them, after we finish our routes……no time is allowed for this ,.we have one time to return and anything after that is on your own time./ they do not pay us for it we only get mileage.