Knoxville: Post office wants cluster mailboxes for new single-family homes

As the U.S. Postal Service continues to lose money, it’s pushing for centralized “cluster” mailboxes in single-family subdivisions – not just apartment complexes – to save on delivery time and payroll costs.

It’s working through local planning bodies and contacting home-builders directly, urging the addition of cluster mailboxes as a requirement for development approval. But that’s not sitting well with some developers, who say it would add to their costs and make new neighborhoods less attractive to buyers.

In a “Builder and Developer Information Packet,” Knoxville-Knox County Metropolitan Planning Commission got from the postal service’s Tennessee district, centralized delivery in all new developments is described as official USPS policy.

Source: Post office wants cluster mailboxes for new single-family homes

  • Robocop5626

    Weekday mail delivery with seven day Amazon delivery will be the first step. Most of the positions cut will be temp and lower pay tier folks, so the time bought won’t be great. The final step will be M-W-F, which will force Amazon to gear up their own delivery fleet. As a behemoth, look for them to press for getting the 3 day delivery moved to them to save costs.