USPS uses dog report as excuse to install cluster box delivery in Missouri neighborhood- even though the dog no longer lives there

In one Independence MO neighborhood, mail delivery has been disrupted by a carrier’s report of a dangerous dog. In response, the USPS says it will no longer provide door to door delivery to residents, but will install a cluster box, despite the fact that the dog has since been relocated to a home outside the town.

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — A group of Independence neighbors remained frustrated on Friday after the United States Postal Service cut off delivery to their neighborhood due to a dangerous dog.

Thomas Lloyd Barden, who has lived on East 1st Street Court South for the past several years, said he first noticed the issue two weeks ago.

“Saturday, September 22nd, we didn’t get any mail,” he explained. “We didn’t get mail the following Monday and didn’t get any mail the following Tuesday.”

After going days without mail, Barden went to the post office to investigate.

He later learned that delivery had been cut off to his neighborhood after a carrier reported a dangerous dog on the street.

“They filed no animal report and no police report,” Barden explained. “They didn’t tell us why anything happened.”

An investigator confirmed that no report about the dog was ever filed by the USPS.

In a statement to the news media, the USPS confirmed that it would go ahead with the cluster box installation despite the removal of the alleged “dangerous” dog.

Customers are not pleased.

Source: Mail delivery suddenly stops in Independence neighborhood – 41 Action News

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