Lawmakers call for investigation into Albuquerque post offices

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Monday through Saturday mail comes in and out of Albuquerque.

For the last two years, a spokesperson for the local postal union says post offices have gone downhill. “It’s now getting to that tipping point where it’s unsustainable anymore,” said Dan Huerta with the Local 380 Postal Workers Union.

Huerta said in four reports, the union has outlined the problems.  “The structural damage that hasn’t been repaired… delayed mail piling up, the filthy conditions at the entrance,”

Source: Lawmakers call for investigation into Albuquerque post offices

  • Ken Schoentag

    So what’s new? The Postal Service has been reducing maintenance staffing for years. I retired in 2005 and prior to my retirement they had reduced maintenance positions and maintenance schedules numerous times. Most facilities are not maintained properly. Just go into any Postal Facility and look at the lobby areas and you will find that the lobbies are run down and shabby looking as well as being under staffed. The Postal Service used to actually believe in service but today they manage the mail flow to such an extent that some days you only get letters and other days flats. I realize budget constraints are an issue but that does not stop the wasteful practices of the District, Area and Headquarters personnel as well as the PCES Managers from wasting precious dollars on useless programs and meetings and wasted trips. If the Postal Service wants to remain relevant it will have to provide service in the lobbies and in the distribution and delivery of the mail. The Union leadership in all crafts have to actually be part of the solution rather than part of the problems. The grievance arbitration process needs to be revamped completely. Automation needs to be utilized properly and accountability utilized throughout the Postal System.