No good deed goes unpunished: PA letter carrier faces discipline for rescuing elderly customer

A Pennsylvania letter carrier who helped rescue a customer faces discipline for spending too much time rescuing the elderly woman, who had collapsed in her home.

The local police chief says the letter carrier may have saved the woman’s life, and local authorities are considering a commendation. USPS management rewarded the carrier with a “pre-disciplinary interview” (pdi) for excessive “stationary time”.

Source: No good deed goes unpunished

  • Brendett

    Shame on the Untied States Postal service this postal-carrier needs a raise in pay for saving someones life she a hero!!!!!!

  • guest

    Go news team! Embarrass the Postal Service for this asinine policy. I worked for the Postal Service and they were always doing stupid stuff like this. They are really going to discipline her for investigating a situation that wasn’t right and save a woman’s life? The Postal Service only cares about SPEED and apparently not someone’s life. Sometimes the carrier is the one who realizes something is not right. The Postal carrier did the right thing and heck with the Postal Service. They should be ashamed and the ridiculousness of this just goes to show just how stupid the Postal Service is. They should be proud of the mail carrier for being alert and being aware of a situation. Shame!!! Shame!!! Shame on you USPS and I hope people do realize just how difficult and how terrible and entity you are to work for.

  • Terri Millard

    This was an emergency! This postal worker possibly saved someone’s life. She deserves a raise NOT to be disciplined!!!

  • dexter swanstrom

    The person sitting at a computer screen that monitors the movement of the scanners could care less what is going on with any particular route. Only the movements of the scanner. Usually the time helping someone comes off your breaks. Bureaucrats worry about one thing. Keeping their numbers in line to save their job and maybe their bonuses.

  • CCAS Suck

    Let’s not worry about all the misdelivered mail and packages by hundreds of numb nut CCAS! Keep up the great work CCAS! You suck!!

  • Stephen Goodwin

    this is straight out of the usps playbook. its same in any state. saying they couldnt comment on the matter is just more propaganda rhey want you to believe. also its a pdi pre disciplinary invesrigation which means the carrier should not go into without a shop steward and if its like most pdi`s you have already been presumed guilty as charged before mgt half way attempts to fact find. any shop steward for the nalc worth his salt should know how to handle moronagement when they act like this. Honest days work for honest days pay!

  • Edgeworld

    How much do you want to bet that that particular carrier is a veteran, eh?

  • Jeff Anker

    If the rules are still the same from before I retired, 3 years ago, a carrier cannot be disciplined by using scanner info. only. Does this rule still exist?

  • Paul Agostini

    Jeff, I’m a retired carrier too, this isn’t about scans. Carriers are now tracked with GPS, and they can tell if you’re working, sitting, etc.

  • Jeff Anker

    I know, but don’t they have to have something other than scanner data to discipline a carrier?

  • Paul Agostini

    that’s the way it used to be with the MSPs, I don’t know what the new rules are with the GPS or what the national is letting these clowns get away with anymore; I’ve been gone 6 years. I have a serious gripe with the national anyway of not fighting for delivery times on parcels and that time added into a carrier’s DOIS. That would take care of the bullshit undertime for good.

  • Jeff Anker

    Yeah. The National response is to let management do what they want and then grieve it, after your shop stewards have just worked another 60 hour week.

  • Vincent Hart

    There is nothing more cancerous than the Affirmative Action management of the USPS.

  • Diane Marie

    Next time, try using proper spelling, sentence structure and good grammar for a change; because I have no idea what you just said.

  • Robocop5626

    About 25 yrs back I was delivering mail in a residential area in a USPS Jeep. Yeah, that long ago. A man ran up to the Jeep and said,”Postman, that house is on fire!”. And it was. You could see flames coming up above the roof from the back of the house. The dog in the back yard was frantic. He zoomed away when we opened the gate. There was a structure on fire adjacent to the back wall of the house
    I grabbed the hose while he went to turn the water on. Then I saw the extension cord running into the fire. He unplugged the cord and I had the fire pretty much out when the FD arrived. We had cleared all the dead leaves away as best we could. The FD pulled the back wall siding off to confirm no fire inside. A window allowed them inside the house. I dropped the hose, went back to my Jeep and finished my route on time. The whole thing took less than 30 minutes tops. Crazy carrier days for sure. The fire came from a light inside the doghouse for warmth apparently. The man caught me the next time I carried the route to fill me in.