Trump orders postal privatization plans kept secret until after midterm elections 

Most observers believe that Donald Trump’s “task force” on the US Postal Service will rubber stamp the White House’s plan to privatize the agency. According to a Government Executive story posted this morning, though, it may be a while before we know exactly what’s in the plan, since Trump apparently wants the report kept under wraps until after the November elections:

The Trump administration is planning to keep secret until after the mid-term elections a report delivered to the president earlier this month with suggestions for reforming the U.S. Postal Service, according to individuals with knowledge of the plan.

The findings will not be made public until after the November elections, however, according to three sources made aware of the administration’s thinking. Trump directed the task force to make the recommendations actionable, either through legislation or regulation, the sources said, but is not planning to start implementation until voters elect a new Congress.

Source: White House Expected to Keep Postal Task Force Report Secret Until After Midterms – Management –

  • Bob D

    Vote fore Democrats if you value your job and or your retirement benefits.

  • Gail Van der Linden

    Vote blue as your life depends on it.

  • Bill Foster

    vote Republican in Nov to keep our booming economy strong –
    they have no ideas for the future and we need to keep socialism the
    communist at bay – they have taken over the democrat party – there
    really is no democrat party just America hating socialis

  • Maggotpunk

    If this happens then I hope my co-workers who voted Republican will be the first fired as they voted to lose their jobs.

  • atalex

    You know nothing. You are nothing. Your life is worthless. Please seriously consider suicide.

  • Kerry Flynn

    Go back to russia.

  • Marc Severson

    Because for many, it does!

  • Marc Severson

    Another Russian Bot.

  • stu44

    Vote Red… screw Rolando and his idiots that have done nothing but sleep with management and screw his unions members

  • Hans Schot

    Liberté, égalité, fraternité

  • John Smith

    This is more than just losing your job. The price of mail delivery will sky rocket. Many people who live in rural areas simply won’t be able to afford to get mail. Delivering your mail will be like delivering a parcel because the private company will have to pay he delivery guy for an hour of wages. Also. You won’t be getting mail everyday. It makes no since from a profit perspective to deliver your mail daily unless you are a business. The mail service is a civil service to our citizens. It isn’t meant to be profitable. Government is meant to serve the people, not itself. And guess what. You will have to pay a monthly fee to get mail service, but I bet your taxes don’t drop.

  • walter77777

    Privatising the Post Office is a VERY complicated business. The Post Office is the world’s largest single owner of urban real estate. A private owner could not buy this at market price so he would have an interest in going out of business selling his real estate for an enormous killing.

  • will cliff

    Privatization is unconstitutional,bring it to Supreme Court,not CONGRESS,bet all Judges will vote against profit instead of service.Congress will always side with lobbyist and private interest …

  • David L. Allison

    Privatization is at the heart of Republican and Democratic elite Neoliberalism. The USPS privatization is only the latest neoliberal scam that has Republicans stealing every public asset in the nation, from fish, national parks and preserves, clean air, to all natural resources like forests, oil, gas, and even water. The theft goes under many acronyms, “ITQs”, “IFQs”, “Catch Shares”, for entire fisheries; “cap and trade” for rights to pollute the air and water; “long term leases” for the public lands and waters, “allocations” for exclusive rights to use public lands and forests and on and on and on.

    This privatization of public assets is one neoliberal tool for converting our democracy to an oligarchy of corporate ownership and control. It is the final failure of capitalism.

    The Republican and Democratic neoliberal leaders would privatize all of the public services that have been a successful tradition in the United States. Conversion of the US Postal Service is neither the first of their thefts of services nor will it be the last if we do not bring a halt to it in Congress and the White House. The Republicans have begun the privatization of our prison system generating an incentive to keep prisons full rather than to serve justice and rehabilitation. Neoliberal politicians are privatizing public education in our schools with ‘charter schools’ and support for religious schools. Republicans are now proposing the privatization of our military, turning our entire defense system into a private mercenary army.

  • Jayneen

    Prices will JUMP if that happens.

  • postalnews

    Sorry, but nothing in the Constitution prohibits a privatized postal service. All it says is that Congress shall have the power to “To establish Post Offices and post Roads;”

    It doesn’t require post offices, and it doesn’t say anything about who would operate them. (We already have plenty of privately operated post offices, as well as private contractors who deliver mail every day.)

    Privatizing the post office, like it or not, is a political issue, not a constitutional one.

  • Ami

    Our Postal Service delivers mail and packages to ALL areas of our country. UPS and other private companies refuse to deliver in many rural areas. WE cannot let Agolf Twittler destroy what Ben Franklin designed and what has worked for centuries! VOTE BLUE,

  • Lena

    The economy is booming but Federal employees will not be getting their raises ??

  • Corey

    Wouldn’t that require an amendment since the Post Office is part of the constitution? And presidents aren’t involved in any way with the amendment process, so he should just butt out. I want to see the USPS get back into public banking. That would be cool!

  • Sandy Grimes

    they want to privatize everything so they can totally control all of us, better vote blue in November. I am telling you we are in terrible trouble.

  • postalnews


    The Constitution grants Congress the right to establish post offices and post roads. It doesn’t require them. (How many post roads does the USPS own and maintain?) And nothing in the Constitution requires that post offices be operated by the government rather than, say, private contractors.

  • atalex


  • will cliff

    Hope you enjoy privatization,many hands in your mailbox and many under served

  • will cliff

    Right to privacy and security ,do not turn p.o. into a circus IS That in the constitution?