Certain Boston USPS offices under audit for alleged timecard manipulations

BOSTON – Some United States Postal Service locations are being audited after reports allege unauthorized timecard adjustments were made at selected post offices in the Greater Boston area.

The audit comes after a 25 Investigates piece exposed post office managers were being suspected of cheating workers out of overtime pay.

During a two-year period, the inspector general found postal facilities in the Boston area had more than 5,000 records of disapproved time, which involved hundreds of employees and supervisors.

Based on issues found for disallowed time adjustments, USPS also reviewed an additional 50 timecard adjustments involving deleted clock rings and extended lunch times.

The audit finds that supervisors in the Boston area did not systemically adjust timecards according to the company’s policies.

Investigators found forms supporting disallowed time adjustments were not completed or were missing key required information, such as the date the supervisor notified the employee or the reason for disallowing the time.

In addition, the investigation found supervisors at one location deleted 30 employee clock rings and extended 20 employee lunch times without any supporting documentation to justify the adjustment.

Source: Certain Boston USPS offices under audit for alleged timecard manipulations | Boston 25 News

  • MeathookWX

    LOL! the cheating Bastards are gonna get busted.

  • just saying

    you wouldn’t believe what goes behind closed doors ……………if they can manipulate clock rings they can also manipulate work loads……..NOTHING will happen to them …..but if you’re a mail carrier and you miss one bar code… you will be unemployed