Mail carrier drops packages; homeowner fed up

In the age of online ordering, one Lowcountry man tells News 2 package after package arrived at his home broken. He says he formally complained to USPS, but when they didn’t take him seriously, he installed a motion activated video camera at his front door.

Orf says over the last year he’s received dozens of broken packages. Even the fish for his roommate’s aquarium business were dropped. “They are clearly labeled as fragile,” he explained. But he says they were dropped and the water leaked out.

He said he complained to USPS several times, but the problem continued. So he installed a $200 doorbell that captures video when it detects motion.

Within the first week after Orf installed the motion activated video camera doorbell, the camera captured video of a mail carrier dropping two different packages at his door.

Source: Call Collett: Mail carrier drops packages; homeowner fed up

  • OneoftheDeplorables2

    Does this guy think that dropping a package to the floor is the all that happens to a parcel that is shipped by USPS, UPS, FEDEX or any other shipping company. Wake up dummy! All parcels are placed or dropped in containers, dumped in hoppers, travel on belts, slide down chutes into containers while other parcels pile up on top of it. Most probably are bigger and heavy than his. If he thinks marking it fragile is going to help, I have a bridge I like to sell him. When shipping something, pack it well and pray. Otherwise go there yourself and drive it home because nobody is going to handle it any different. You might try buying it retail but that stuff get shipped to stores just the stuff you get shipped to your home.
    What a an Idiot …….

  • tsumani

    This guy is an Idiot. That package was not handled roughly. I can GAR-EN-TEE- That the parcel, and 99% of every other parcel is tossed,and dropped much harsher then this during the processing phase.

  • tsumani

    1000% Correct my friend!

  • Michael

    To protect your packages from damage, be proactive and prevent mishaps before sending your items.

    All shippers should prepare items they are sending to survive a 5′ drop or a 20′ toss because this happens multiple times at all delivery and transport companies. Shipping containers and pallets stacked 6′ high with heavy parcels could easily crush a poorly packaged item. If it can break …
    • DON’T use paper as a packing material.
    • Wrap with enough bubble wrap to protect it from dropping.
    • Surround the bubble wrapped item with impact absorbing material such as styrofoam packing peanuts or more bubble wrap.
    • The items should not directly touch the inside of the shipping box or container in case something impacts or punctures the box.
    • Pack contents tightly, don’t leave room for items to shift inside the packaging.

    Shipping containers may be outside in all weather conditions during the transport process. If it needs to stay dry …
    • Seal item inside plastic wrap or zip-lock bag.
    • Envelopes made of Tyvek are lightweight, strong and great for clothing and things that won’t break such as clothing.
    • Use clear tape to cover the address label so it won’t smudge or ruin water based ink.

    Verify the address is correct on the mailing label…
    • Use the USPS website to verify a mailing address is deliverable.
    • Sorting machines using optical lasers to “read” your address will sort your item.
    • Use computer printed labels or hand print LEDGIBLY. Decorative or illegible address text may confuse the sorting software and send your package to the wrong address.
    • Use dark colored ink, not pencil. Optical laser readers cannot detect red ink.
    • Include a note inside all packages with both the mailing address and return address in case the shipping label is lost or damage beyond recognition.