Top stories of the week July 8-14

  1. California letter carrier found dead in truck during heatwave 
  2. Federal Court Dismisses Spokane Postal Service Employee’s Discrimination Case 
  3. Security camera catches Louisiana carrier throwing package from car 
  4. National Association of Postal Supervisors Rejects USPS Pay Proposal, Will File for Fact Finding 
  5. 2 windows blown out by gunfire at post office in Pontiac MI 
  6. Injured postal worker convinces judge to give shooter lighter sentence 
  7. Postal worker saves mail moments before fire destroys truck in Mobile
  8. Thieves ran off with mailbox that was bolted to the sidewalk 
  9. Group Sentenced for Roles in Anchorage Mail Theft Ring 
  10. Mail thieves caught on camera in Claremore OK