Top stories of the week July 1-7

  1. National Association of Postal Supervisors Rejects USPS Pay Proposal, Will File for Fact Finding 
  2. USPS suspends delivery service in Cincinnati neighborhood after mailman is assaulted 
  3. O Beautiful stamps show America’s majesty 
  4. Video: Mail Truck Pulled from Pond in NJ Park 
  5. Seasoned postal worker accused of 220 pound marijuana scheme in Hampton VA 
  6. Neither snow, nor rain, nor summer heat will stay these carriers 
  7. Feds Say Illinois Bulk-Mailer Swindled USPS out of $16 Million 
  8. NPMHU, APWU and USPS Reach Agreement to Update RI-399 Dispute Resolution Procedures 
  9. Cleveland postal worker indicted for stealing more than 250 gift cards 
  10. Supreme Court attacks workers’ rights in Janus decision