Top stories of the week June 24-30

  1. NPMHU, APWU and USPS Reach Agreement to Update RI-399 Dispute Resolution Procedures 
  2. USPS responds to Trump’s privatization plan 
  3. Feds Say Illinois Bulk-Mailer Swindled USPS out of $16 Million 
  4. Trump proposes privatizing USPS 
  5. UPS, Teamsters Reach Handshake Agreement For New Contract 
  6. Video Shows Postal Employee Tossing Package Out Truck Window Onto Lawn 
  7. Neither snow, nor rain, nor summer heat will stay these carriers 
  8. NALC’s statement on OMB’s proposal to privatize the Postal Service 
  9. APWU Statement on White House Plan to Privatize the Postal Service 
  10. Supreme Court attacks workers’ rights in Janus decision