USPS suspends delivery service in Cincinnati neighborhood after mailman is assaulted

MT. AIRY, OH (FOX19) -People who live on Hawaiian Terrance in Mt. Airy now have to find a way to get to the post office for their mail after a postal worker was reportedly assaulted there.

Cincinnati police said a group of young people attacked the postal worker from behind while he was working in the area earlier this month, punching him to the point the carrier used mace to defend himself. For USPS officials, the recent crime is the last straw, prompting them to suspend delivery service in the area.

Mt. Airy Town Council President Gladys Pope believes it’s been a high-crime area for a long time, from shootings to other acts of violence.

“Speaking to some residents, there have been some other incidents that they know of where mail carriers and other delivery people have been attacked, assaulted,” she said.

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  • Sr

    1:36 Do to. How about ‘Due to’.

    No wonder we’ve jumped the shark.

  • Edgeworld

    If the mail CARRIER (not the “mailman”) used “mace” on his assailants, it is very likely that he will soon be seeking another job. Mail CARRIERS are not allowed to carry weapons with them.

    What the carrier almost certainly used was a weak pepper spray mixture commonly called dog spray by employees and issued to any employee who has contact with the public. It’s legal for the general public to carry in all 50 states AFAIK, whereas MACE is a chemical compound that nobody uses nor sells anymore due to its extremely toxic nature.

    I know FOX News likes to play fast and loose with their “facts”… in this case it might result in false or exaggerated accusations of injury.

    You know, not that I think anyone cares there at the station.