Oakland letter carrier receives recognition by Piedmont CA Police

OAKLAND, CA — Piedmont letter carrier Nestor Quilates will be honored by the Piedmont Police on Monday, June 4, 2018 at the 7:30 PM Piedmont City Council meeting, 120 Vista Way, Piedmont, CA.

On May 15, Quilates was doing what he normally does, delivering his appointed rounds, when he noticed something suspicious. He saw two men coming out of a house on Grand Ave. carrying a suitcase and a large duffel bag. He knew the home owner was in the hospital so he sensed something was wrong.

He jotted down the license plate number of their vehicle and called the Piedmont dispatcher. Piedmont officers went to the home and quickly determined the home had been burglarized. Neighbors then stepped up and provided the police security camera video that showed the thieves leaving the house. Piedmont police were able to track down and arrest the burglary suspects and returned the stolen items to their rightful owner.

Quilates, when interviewed by KTVU TV 2, said “we are the eyes and ears of the neighborhoods we serve.” Residents in the neighborhood he serves are glad his eyes were sharp that day.

Source: Oakland letter carrier receives recognition by Piedmont Police