Top stories of the week May 27-June 2

  1. Largest federal union sues Trump over executive order 
  2. NALC investigating whether Trump’s executive orders apply to postal workers 
  3. Donald Trump’s latest executive orders are threat to democracy, union says 
  4. Yonkers mail thefts: $660K stolen from 85 victims; postal service ‘failed,’ mayor says 
  5. Police: Mail Stolen From 10 Postal Mailboxes In Yonkers 
  6. Pueblo Resident Sentenced for Stealing Mail From Back of Mail Truck 
  7. Home video catches Bay Area mail carrier going ‘postal’ on garbage can 
  8. Video shows Westchester postal worker not following protocol 
  9. Is Donald Trump the best recruiter that unions ever had? 
  10. Thieves target mail trucks in Chicago