Top stories of the week May 20-26

  1. Video shows Westchester postal worker not following protocol 
  2. Home video catches Bay Area mail carrier going ‘postal’ on garbage can 
  3. Postal worker sexually assaulted on the job in Milwaukee 
  4. APWU Remembers President Emeritus William Burrus 1936-2018 
  5. USPS investigating nationwide extortion scam 
  6. First-ever scratch-and-sniff stamps evoke sweet summer scent 
  7. In secret meetings, Trump tells PMG to (illegally) double postage rates on Amazon 
  8. Mail Fail: USPS loses 30 days worth of Ohio man’s mail, can’t track it down 
  9. Police arrest women accused of murdering Albuquerque mail carrier 
  10. Sally Ride Stamp launches today