Video shows Westchester postal worker not following protocol

CONGERS -Turn To Tara has obtained exclusive video that captures another Hudson Valley postal worker not following protocol on the job.

The video shows the letter carrier chatting on her cellphone and at times relaxing on someone’s front porch for a full 17 minutes – not once seen delivering any mail to a Congers neighborhood.

The video comes on the heels of the United States Postal Office facing intense criticism for slow and inconsistent mail delivery across the Hudson Valley.

USPS responded by saying, “”We certainly apologize and assure the residents that appropriate measures are being taken to prevent a recurrence. The employee was initially on a break, but the phone conversation extended past the allotted break time. Although the carrier was on a walking route without a vehicle, employee breaks are generally taken in designated public locations, not on private property.”

The video also surfaces less than two weeks after News 12 aired footage of a postal worker in Greenburgh hurling packages at people’s homes.

Source: Turn To Tara: Video shows postal worker not following protocol

  • Brenda Harper

    the carrier was probably on the cell phone with management, they love to call to harass carriers

  • Stan p

    It’s interesting how the District Manager Rich Conte still has a job, so many Westchester issues, the HR Manager Lukas has condoned this behavior and spends his time going after women and veterans

  • greg

    I never answer a call from mngmt. on cell phone; that’s what scanners are for

  • wandajohnson

    Why don’t people get a job and quit watching others working? She may have a mother like I do which is ill and the medical home health team call me all the time because I over see her medical and finance business., poa, etc… I just wish people would mind their own business.

  • Bill Loehr

    Our carrier is on the phone the minute she starts delivering till she gets back in her vehicle. als she parks on the wrong side of the street and docent chock her wheels. seen her pull into driveways . any of these actions would have me in lots of trouble when was working. I live and worked in Dallas Tx for 38 yrs.

  • Ben

    Gee Wanda- I think you just explained why so many postal workers get caught by surveillance cameras. You apparently think that people sit home all day waiting for the mailman so they can get their super8 movie camera out and film them goofing off. Hate to break it to you, but these cameras just sit there and record video 24/7, while the owners are off working in their jobs, which probably pay considerably more than yours!

    I also like how you people claim we don’t know who this woman is talking to on the phone, and then turn around and make up a whole sob story about her dying mother!

    Maybe try just doing your job for a change?

  • NothingSound

    We have carriers that refuse to even give their cell phone numbers to management.

  • Robocop5626

    Perhaps you should consider a night shift so your distracted self doesn’t injure or kill someone innocent. Sure it’s all about you but the rest of us have to live here too.