Home video catches mail carrier going ‘postal’ on garbage can

We’ve all seen videos of people behaving badly and now there’s a new one making the rounds of a mail carrier who apparently ran over a garbage can on purpose.

The video comes from Bhaskar Das, who lives near downtown Los Gatos.

Das’s Nest Cam recorded the video last Friday on Oak Grove Avenue. The video shows the mail carrier plowing into the garbage can and using the mail truck to push it out of the way.

Once it fell over, the carrier backed up, delivered Das’s mail and drove off.

Source: Los Gatos: Video shows mail carrier behaving badly

  • Eric Domejean

    Not supposed to block the mail box.

  • Yoda1963

    And he did get his mail delivered!

  • Tim Oneal

    It takes a real idiot to put the can in front of the mailbox. Each time a customer makes the mailman get out of the truck, it increases the carrier’s chances of having an accident and
    being injured.

  • William De Vore

    Next time the idiot puts the trash can in front of the box, rubber band the mail and take it back noting, “Box Blocked”

  • Cristian “Smear” Gheorghiu

    That’s what you get for blocking access to the mailbox.