Lexington NC homeowners upset over mailbox placement demands

LEXINGTON, N.C. — A mail delivery nightmare has a few homeowners on Becks Church Road like Kristen Gallagher upset.

The United States Postal Service carrier is passing by her house.Gallagher and her husband moved into their house in early November. She says the mailbox was already at the top of their circular driveway.

“It’s been there seven years according to the neighbors and previous owners,” she said.

Gallagher says the mail was being delivered to her mailbox near her home until it stopped on Feb. 27. That’s when she got a warning to move her mailbox across the street.

Source: Lexington homeowners upset over mailbox placement demands | myfox8.com

  • Michael B

    She wants to be special, but unfortunately she’s not. The reason the mailbox was at the top of the key was because of the previous owner’s hardship medical condition. She doesnt have a hardship case so the box goes back on the street like everyone else. Sorry lady, you’re not special.