Top stories of the week April 15-21

  1. Jamaica NY Postmaster blames lazy workers, unions for his office’s poor performance 
  2. Postal worker sexually assaulted in Chicago 
  3. Trump, Having Denounced Amazon’s Shipping Deal, Orders Review of Postal Service 
  4. ‘Mail fishing’ is so bad in New Jersey, it’s now the focus of a federal investigation 
  5. USPS mail carrier caught throwing package in Kansas 
  6. NRP Class Action Victory against USPS 
  7. Action taken against Fargo postal worker after getting caught tossing package 
  8. Drug dealer pleads guilty to bribing Buffalo letter carrier 
  9. Mail found dumped on Detroit’s east side 
  10. New Orleans Man Sentenced to 36 Months of Probation for Conspiracy to Alter U.S. Postal Money Order