Jamaica NY Postmaster blames lazy workers, unions for his office’s poor performance

Acting Jamaica Postmaster Paul Stremel told members of Community Board 10 last Thursday that one of the reasons people are not getting their mail in a timely fashion is that some carriers just don’t want to show up to work.

“They don’t like to come to work. A lot of them, they don’t have the work ethic,” Stremel said. “It’s not important to them.

”Other carriers must then complete those routes, which results in people getting mail late in the evening, sometimes past 7 p.m.

Addressing other bad workers, Stremel said union rules protect certain workers from being terminated after just one incident.

Source: Mail carriers are not showing up to work – Queens Chronicle: Queenswide

  • http://www.paleojay.com Jay Bowers

    One look at that guy, and you can see who doesn’t like work…

  • Bob D

    I would love to hear about his work record, or who he’s related to.

  • John Stewart

    i can see why he went into management .i bet he used the union and payed nothing. its easy to blame other when your the problem.

  • Management Hater

    I’m sure this butterball was a real hardworking employee himself. He obviously lifts weights, probably Quarter Pounders and 16 ouncers.

  • Jay

    Does he have bone spurs too?

  • john

    where in america can you punch out at 130 each and make 70000.00 rurals and then we have these clerks not doing much all day making 62000.00 the post office is going to continue bleeding til this garbage gets solved

  • Skip

    Wow another postmaster speaking out against his workers your paycheck is on the line also so dont be the problem too micromanaging to the hilt ! Looks like u should strap on a sachtel and walk in carriers shoes for a month or learn the job first be fore u criticize just saying !!!! Skip

  • Ron r

    He’s most likely the reason carriers are using their sick leave

  • Ron r

    You could be a congressperson and do even less !

  • booooom

    500 pound flunky