Top stories of the week April 1-7

  1. Trump says he’ll increase Amazon’s postage rates 
  2. Trump appears to suggest corruption on behalf of Amazon at USPS, PRC 
  3. Forbes: Trump’s wrong- “The Postal Service can’t afford to lose Amazon as a client” 
  4. NRP Class Action Victory against USPS 
  5. NALC: CCA back pay update 
  6. PRC Examination of USPS Financials Show Net Operating Loss of $1.3 Billion: Liabilities weaken improvements in liquidity 
  7. Fox News fact checks Trump, says he’s wrong 
  8. Author of Citi Research report cited by Trump: “We never said Amazon is getting a $1.50 subsidy” 
  9. Update: Bags of undelivered mail found at Long Island home 
  10. New Port Richey FL residents without mail delivery for six weeks