New Port Richey FL residents without mail delivery for six weeks


NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla. (WFLA) – Rene Brown has picked up her mail in the same community box for 18 years. When the base rotted and it fell over, she went to her local post office in New Port Richey.

“They kind of laughed,” Brown said. “It was kind of like this big joke. They looked at the person next to them and they go, ‘Yeah, it’s going to be forever. Our maintenance guy is out and it may be forever.’

“For six weeks, Brown and her seven neighbors had to pick up their own mail with no new mail box in sight.

“I do have a job,” Brown said. “Sometimes I have to leave work at lunch hour to go there to pick up the mail.”

Source: New Port Richey residents without mail delivery for six weeks

  • Deadman walking

    Put up mailboxes in front of your houses

  • Sophie LaFontaine

    I don’t think the USPS would use those mailboxes, even if the residents installed mailboxes in front of their homes. Once a residence moves from a single mailbox to a community box, I think USPS doesn’t allow going back to the single mailboxes.

  • Deadman walking

    Carrier might deliver just do it to get rid of mail