Forbes: Trump’s wrong- “The Postal Service can’t afford to lose Amazon as a client”

From Forbes:

Postal Service: Can it survive without Amazon?

The problems with the Postal Service are legend, including its failure to make ends meet. But it still delivers the mail to households and businesses across the country, even as letter volume declines. The Postal Service’s growth opportunity is package delivery. “For the Postal Service, growth in packages is most welcome, especially as it continues to lose letter mail volumes,” the Inspector General’s blog states.

Consumers have benefited mightily in innovations in mail delivery, such as Priority and Two-Day delivery, that have resulted from the growth in e-commerce in general and Amazon in particular. The Postal Service can’t afford to lose Amazon as a client, and American consumers will be worse off if the Postal Service doesn’t have the added revenue that it provides.

Source: If Trump Declares War On Amazon, Consumers Will Be Among The Casualties