Top stories of the week March 25-31

  1. NRP Class Action Victory against USPS 
  2. Kansas postal worker charged with embezzlement
  3. Trump “obsessed” with Amazon (and its USPS deal) 
  4. NALC “lauds bipartisan effort to advance postal reform legislation” 
  5. Homeowner removes noose from yard after postal worker voices concern 
  6. Arrest made in connection with suspicious packages sent to military bases in D.C. area 
  7. Feds: Ohio postal worker on disability was in 35 motorcycle races 
  8. Petersburg VA residents starting get mail over a year old 
  9. Senators Carper, Moran, Heitkamp, and McCaskill  Introduce Bipartisan Bill to Stabilize & Improve Postal Service 
  10. Virginia clerk found guilty of theft