Homeowner removes noose from yard after postal worker voices concern

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) – A Las Vegas postal worker says her bosses haven’t done enough to address her concerns about a noose hanging in front of a house on her route.

Nicole Brown says she is assigned to a route that includes the home near Eastern Avenue and Warm Springs Road once a week and after noticing the noose, she stopped delivering to the home.

“The first day I saw it, I immediately let the supervisor know,” Brown said.  “I told her I felt threatened for my safety because you never know.”

Brown said when she delivered on the route she just skipped the street altogether because the home was the only one there, but then the homeowner called the office asking where the mail was.

Source: Homeowner removes noose after postal worker voices concern – KTNV.com Las Vegas

  • Kevin Debrow

    silly….its curbside delivery . the letter carrier doesn’t even get out of the truck !

  • Ben

    You don’t have to get out of the truck to get shot by some racist cracker. If a house has crap like this, or Nazi/Confederate flags, I’d report it and not go anywhere near it. Let ’em rent a PO box if they’re sociopaths.