NRP Class Action Victory against USPS

Press release from the law firm Kator, Parks, Weiser & Harris:

The EEOC entered a final decision finding that the U.S. Postal Service discriminated against the Class of approximately 130,000 USPS employees when it subjected them to the National Reassessment Process (NRP) between May 5, 2006 and July 1, 2011.

The USPS employees who were reviewed under the NRP had suffered workplace injuries, and were working under restrictions in limited duty, light duty, or rehabilitation positions. The final decision found that the NRP intentionally discriminated against these USPS employees by targeting them with disfavorable treatment, canceling accommodated jobs, creating a hostile work environment, improperly using their private medical information, and forcing some to resign.

Class Member claims for individual money awards are due now. The deadline for an individual Class Member to submit a claim for money damages and other relief is 30 days from when the individual receives a written notice from the USPS about the case. To be safe, attorneys for the Class have recommended that Class Members submit a claim by April 12, 2018. If a Class Member fails to submit a timely claim, the Class Member may lose the ability to seek any individual relief in the case.

Directions for submitting claims, a sample suggested Claim Form, and more information about the case is available at

While it is unknown how many Class Members will file claims, Rochester, NY attorney Michael Lingle of Thomas & Solomon indicated that the law firms representing the Class have been contacted by thousands of USPS employees during the past decade in which this case has been pending. The case was first filed by Sandra McConnell, a Rochester, NY mail carrier who had her USPS position taken away from her due to the NRP.

Jeremy Wright of Kator, Parks, Weiser & Harris, in Washington, DC, noted the tremendous achievement accomplished by the Class. “The decision in this case delivers a stern warning to every employer to respect the rights of workers with disabilities, and to never treat them as second-class.”

Attorneys for the Class stress the importance of Class Members submitting claims for monetary and other relief as soon as possible. Class attorneys are available to assist Class Members in submitting claims, and the attorneys have mailed out sample suggested claim forms to tens of thousands of Class Members across the country.

The Class is represented by Thomas & Solomon LLP, and Kator, Parks, Weiser & Harris, PLLC. The name of the case is McConnell v. U.S. Postal Service, EEOC Case No. 520-2010-00280X; Agency No. 4B-140-0062-06. The final appeal decision in the case was issued on March 9, 2018, and is available at

  • Ruben

    25 years then they were after me, I really tried and I really care for my customers. The Post Office sold out to doing people wrong. My hips couldn’t keep up with their standards so I went out to pasture to retire to young to collect retirement. SAD! Now the courts agree we were treated as second class citizens for getting injured at work. I quit under threat of firing, to keep clean record.

  • Kay Broadwater

    I havent recieved anything from the postal service yet. Who do I contact?

  • Angela Crosser

    Did the same thing to me. Retired on disability after 15 years of service. Gave my duties that I had been doing to PTF’s and told me there was no work for me, and was sending me home after 2 hrs. of work. Facing bankruptcy I was forced to retire. My union did me no favors either, telling me they could do nothing for me except to help me file for retirement.

  • Ernest S. Roberts Jr.

    I was diagnosed with bilateral nerve entrapment in May 1979 and was denied worker’s compensation because USPS told OWCP that my problem was “psychogenic”. I was denied retirement by OPM because my disability was partial. I was removed for the “medical inability to perform the duties of my job in December 1980. I have been denied compensation for the last 39 years. I recently discovered USPS gave me the incorrect form for compensation and my claim is under a merit review. I researched the FECA regulations online and discovered the dishonest actions of USPS and OWCP. OWCP should have converted the incorrect form to the proper form which is required under the initial development rules of the FECA. Any injured employee should google FECA regulations and research for yourself. Several lawyers told me that I should give up years ago, but with God as my lawyer I will prevail.

  • Leana Mace

    I haven’t received anything from the post office either. Please let me know what I should di

  • Sandra Fox

    I was bitten by a pitt bull and my leg was crushed below the calf, my leg is 98% paralized below the knee. Claims examiners kept sending me to doctors to say it was not related and was not serious, my leg was never fixed properly. It’s about time…

  • Sandra Fox

    The claims examiners pays the doctors to go against our doctors so they can cheat us out of any funds and do not care what our condition is or was and doesn’t care how many of us loose what we worked for so long as they can say they did their job-and their job was to cover up as many cases as they could. I agree God is our lawyer now.

  • arlam4

    I told my claims examiner she would rather I put a bullet in my head than help Me. I have never been paid Milage to any of the Dr.s appointments that OWCP sends Me to. I am Injured to the point of Disabled. They(OWCP) is as bad as the NRP. We have NO rights. We Must pay out of our paychecks for the worker’s compensation insurance but they never will ever want too pay YOU. Their coffers are full. They are breaking civil rights laws everyday as is the USPS. NRP nearly caused Me to Kill myself They made me feel I had No right to live. and they wonder why people go postal. Worst place ever to work. I called for some papers at my former office the girl that answered the phone refused to put anyone that new what they were doing on the phone. The next day a Postal Inspecter and a deputy was with him at MY HOUSE! What, Inspectors have nothing serious to do? She said I threatened her but He didn’t have a direct sentence on what I said that made her feel that way. If she can’t take a phone call from Me She is working in the wrong place.

  • arlam4

    Thanks for the information. I pray things go much better for you. USPS is out of control. Have you read about the class action NRP? supervision was allowed to treat you as bad as the evil things they could think of. Unfair. I will never be the same. Emotions can be damaged that is why people that are taken as prisoners during war are treated so badly. It destroys the fiber of their being.

  • sexyboop

    I received the claim form in May 2018 and send it back on the same month. What happens in this situation, as read that they were to send in April.

  • Elaine Barker Mance

    The class action lawsuit has been solved I never receive a pay out and has been harassed for it

  • Elaine Barker Mance

    Work ing for the postal service is a joke you think you have a good job you pay for benefit I was injured in 1994.I receive a letter
    for a pay out letter schedule reward for My right knee in 2017 from the department of labor and never receive any compensation at all how long does it take My knee is unrepairable And this is not imported to no one but me.

    O o

  • MsE Mance

    The postal. Service wrong terminate me in 2004for an on the job injury I have not work since so you are not alone