USPS mail delivery problems widespread in Yonkers


YONKERS -Turn To Tara’s continued probe into mail delivery problems across Westchester County reveals that the problems are widespread.

A recent Freedom of Information request filed by News 12 shows 164 complaints made in the past year alone.

A majority of the complaints come from residents in Yonkers, where problems range from lost checks and missing bills to undelivered medication and important tax documents.

“It’s just unacceptable,” said Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano. “This is the United States Postal Service, and there should be no better service in the world than the USPS.”

Source: Turn To Tara: USPS mail delivery problems widespread

  • Gary Ferrari

    As i have been saying for years since I was a Postmaster in Mount KIsco, THE District Manager Rich Conte, Mgr HR Bob Lukas, POM Bob Saumell, Dan Welch and Complement Coordinator? Tom Dimargo were busy fixing scores for their bonuses and ignoring safety concerns and customer needs for the past few years causing problems throughout the entire District. Once these few are removed (OIG investigating them now) hopefully the next group will treat their employees with dignity and respect and hire more employees to take up the overwhelming demand of Amazon