Shipping carriers using caution to screen for dangerous packages

In the wake of the package explosions around Austin and San Antonio, officials with major shipping companies and government agencies say they have security plans in place to screen for dangerous materials, but many are reluctant to reveal exactly what’s included.

On Tuesday morning, a FedEx spokesperson declined to answer any questions about screening protocol.Glenn Zacarra, Director of Corporate Media Relations with UPS, wrote in an email, “UPS is cooperating with law enforcement in their investigation. We have security measures in place but we do not discuss them in order to maintain their effectiveness. Due to the sensitivity of the investigation and seriousness of this matter, UPS declines to discuss any further details.”

Kendall Daniel, U.S. Postal Inspector with the Houston Division, told KHOU in a statement, in part:“The U.S. Postal Service has developed a comprehensive approach to protecting the mail system by utilizing a targeted strategy of specialized technology, screening protocols and employee training. The Postal Inspection Service has organized response teams nationwide for investigating suspicious parcels through our Dangerous Mail Investigations (DMI) Program. DMI Inspectors are trained to recognize the common characteristics of suspicious mail and are highly proficient in the use of state-of-the-art equipment to include portable X-ray machines.”

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