Mystery after massive 24,000 mile USPS mix-up

TOLEDO (13abc Action News) – If you’ve been to the post office, you know it can sometimes be confusing.

But when a dad sent his wife and kids a package through the USPS, he had no idea about the ordeal awaiting him.

See, a family from Toledo lives halfway around the world, now calling Singapore home. But the dad went back to school, and is finishing his PhD at the University of Toledo.

Geoff Milewski sent his family a surprise care package but It never got there.

It’s traveled nearly 25,000 miles across America… but hasn’t left the country.

Or so we think. See, no one really knows, not even the USPS.

“So far we’ve counted 13 states, and 16 cities. It’s been in four of those cities twice,” Milewski said.

Source: Mystery after massive 24,000 mile USPS mix-up