Leesburg FL residents say their mail keeps disappearing

LEESBURG, Fla. – Dozens of people in Leesburg are complaining about losing money after recent incidences of identity theft. They say they’re out hundreds of dollars and are now worried about identity theft because they believe someone is stealing their mail.

More than 50 people have said the problem has  worsened over the past two months especially.

Some residents complain the problems occur when they drop their cards in outdoor mailboxes and that when they cards eventually get to the recipients, they’re torn up, and whatever gift card they’ve placed inside is missing. Some of the envelopes have been opened and resealed. Others report they’re missing important tax documents and bills.

Many of the claims from residents were reported on the “Next Door” app and came from both the senders’ and recipients’ end.

Source: Leesburg residents say their mail keeps disappearing | WFTV