Top stories of the week February 25-March 3

  1. Man records video of postal worker throwing packages in Fort Worth 
  2. Postal Driver Robbed Of $70K At Gunpoint In South LA 
  3. Florida nudists upset over USPS carrier who won’t deliver mail inside resort community 
  4. UPDATE: USPS Reverses Ontario NY Postmaster’s “Long-Driveway” Policy 
  5. APWU Reaches Monetary Settlement with USPS on POStPlan Staffing Violations 
  6. Mail Fail: Uncovering excuses with ongoing problems at Ohio post offices 
  7. Postal Service denies artist’s insurance claim after commissioned painting damaged 
  8. In Joint Filing, More than 50 Mail Industry Leaders Urge Regulators to Reconsider “Dramatic” Postal Rate Increases 
  9. Big city growth strains rural Texas post office, frustrates residents 
  10. FedEx is Sticking By The NRA