UPDATE: USPS Reverses Ontario NY Postmaster’s “Long-Driveway” Policy

UPDATE: After a series of stories on News10NBC earlier this week about a USPS policy change in the Town of Ontario that prevented mail carriers from delivering packages to homes with driveways longer than 200 feet, the Postal Service has had a change of heart.

On Thursday, USPS began contacting the 100 customers who were previously told they’d have to pick up their packages at the post office, informing them that carriers will now continue to deliver.

“I really think if you guys wouldn’t have gotten involved they would have been like, hmmm… too bad, ya know?  Because when I originally called he (the Postmaster) was like, “too bad, figure out your own solution it’s not my problem,” says Jen Wall, a mother of 4 from Ontario who was told her driveway was too long for deliveries a few weeks ago.

On Thursday morning, the regional USPS manager and the Ontario Postmaster showed up at her door, “my husband has emailed the postmaster and hadn’t heard anything, a lot of local residents have commented on Facebook that they hadn’t heard from the postmaster so for him to show up was pretty surprising,” she tells News10NBC.

Source: UPDATE: USPS Reverses Ontario “Long-Driveway” Policy | WHEC.com