Top stories of the week February 18-24

  1. Dozens of tubs of mail found in Petersburg VA dumpster 
  2. U.S. Postal Service Driver Shot & Killed On Dallas Highway 
  3. After customers complain about package throwing, NY Postmaster cuts off deliveries 
  4. Woman threatens to ‘blow off’ head of Dayton postal worker 
  5. Here’s why a mailman refused to deliver to San Francisco family 
  6. Husband of southern Indiana postal worker who drowned delivering mail says her death was preventable 
  7. APWU: White House Budget for 2019 Continues Attacks on Postal and Federal Workers 
  8. APWU Reaches Monetary Settlement with USPS on POStPlan Staffing Violations 
  9. FedEx is Sticking By The NRA 
  10. Houston USPS mail carrier caught on camera using gay slur