Portland letter carrier retires after 40 years

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A Portland letter carrier celebrated her last day on the job after more than 4 decades with the US Postal Service. Lissa Allen has been delivering mail all over Portland for 40 years and 5 months.

“I’ve had mounted routes where you drive and the boxes are curbside, I’ve had park and loop with long walking routes,” she said. Lissa Allen delivers mail to the KOIN 6 News station. (KOIN)

It took Allen 30 years of work to get the highly coveted downtown route — including delivering mail to the KOIN 6 News station.

The US Postal Service said she’s had her job longer than any other woman in Oregon. When she started in September 1977, no other women were delivering mail.

Source: Portland letter carrier retires after 40 years | Oregon | KOIN

  • John Riley

    I retired with 40 plus years, no newspaper story.

  • Hector Cordon

    She looks in good shape after 40 years. Knees look like they still work. And her verbal skills have not deteriorated, so she was not in management. I retired after 30 years and the worst was saying goodbye to my good customers and my coworkers. I enjoyed those people. And, as well, the retirement party my coworkers threw for me. The cake looked exactly like a priority parcel.

    I’m sure you’ll enjoy retirement Lissa. I do.