FedEx is Sticking By The NRA

While many companies nationwide are cutting ties with the National Rifle Association after the most recent gun massacre, FedEx isn’t one of them- so far at least:

FedEx offers NRA members discounts from 18 percent to 26 percent on domestic and international shipping. A page on the NRA website describing FedEx offers has been removed, but the shipping company has not made a statement about any change in its relationship with the gun-rights group.  GunsDown, an anti-gun group, has been petitioning FedEx to end its affiliation with the NRA for over a year.

Source: These Companies Are Sticking By The NRA | HuffPost

  • Bob Sussman

    I will not be using Fedex anymore…..can anyone say UPS?

  • Tim Sullivan

    I’m done using FedEx until they discontinue being affiliated with that terrorist organization, the NRA. USPS and UPS here I come!!

  • Paul Weeks

    Fedex, you’re on the wrong side of this, and the wrong side of history. I’m a Brown guy now.

  • Nancy Y. Gong

    FedEx, we need to know where you stand on this. Ready to switch if FedEx continues support of any kind to the NRA of its members.

  • Deb Kosemund Carlson

    GREAT DECISION FEDEX!! 1/2 of the USA knows it is NOT the NRA that kills people….it is people! Whether it is guns, knives, home made bombs etc- these crazy people WILL find a weapon. LIBS need to know they ARE NOT the majority on this issue and those companies that fell for your bullying will find out REAL soon when their revenues go WAY down. I SAY STOP the BULLYING by the LIBS and find REAL solutions. FOOLS!!

  • Jason Casteel

    Thank you for being on the right side

  • Sandy Ovion

    The NRA is positive force in firearm education and safety. Please do not let the uninformed sway you into doing the wrong thing.

  • Sandy Ovion

    Do not let the uninformed dictate terms to you. The NRA promotes gun safety and education. They are part of the solution, not part of the problem.