After customers complain about package throwing, NY Postmaster cuts off deliveries

Update: The USPS has reversed the Postmaster’s policy- click here for the updated story.

A local postal carrier was caught on cell phone camera throwing a package toward the door of a home in the Town of Ontario and then casually getting back in the truck and driving away.

It happened in the same community that just ended door-to-door delivery for some homeowners.

Those homeowners tell News10NBC instead of changing the delivery rules, the Postmaster should focus on better training for his employees.

The video was taken just before Christmas by the homeowner who tells News10NBC that inside the box was a breakable mug that she had purchased for someone as a Christmas gift.

The video shows the postal worker take the time to travel down a long driveway but when he gets out, he just throws the box toward the door, gets back in the truck, turns around and leaves.  The homeowner says she showed the video to the Postmaster in Ontario when the incident happened and was assured something would be done.

Something was done: delivery to those customers with long driveways was stopped.

Source: Local postal carrier caught on camera throwing package |

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