TV station resolves father and son’s mail mix-up at USPS

MOSELEY, VA (WWBT) -12 On Your Side gets results for an elderly disabled man who tried to stop the postal service from sending his important mail to the wrong house.

The letters were going to his son’s home instead of his and causing months of confusion.

The mix-up began when his son moved out of his parents’ home. It persisted for a year, until NBC12 got involved.

William W. Brooks called 12 Investigator Diane Walker a few days ago to say the confusion is corrected and his mail is showing up just the way it should.

Father and son, William W. Brooks and William K. Brooks say they tried many times explaining the problem to postal staff. They say the complaint was always noted, and the follow through always fell short.

“After it was on TV, I think everybody in the world saw us,” said William W.Brooks.

NBC12 – WWBT – Richmond, VA News On Your Side

Source: NBC12 resolves father and son’s mail mix-up at USPS – NBC12 – WWBT – Richmond, VA News On Your Side

  • Sj

    It’s a nightmare when someone moves out of an address with the same name. I had a father and son with the same exact name except the son was a Jr but didn’t use that on anything. They bought each other’s houses and to even make it more difficult the addresses had the same numbers. Example: John B Apple at 1234 Apple St moved to 1234 Orange St and John B Apple (JR but never appeared on mail) moved from 1234 Orange St to 1234 Apple St. There was no way automation could differentiate and neither could we. Their mail was constantly being looped back and forth. We finally had them cancel their change of addresses, delivered as addressed and they would write JR or SR on the pieces misdelivered and we hand processed them, avoiding the automated forwarding process. USPS forwarding service isn’t perfect but it is free.

  • dd808

    As usual, blame the Post Office when the real problem was not addressing your mail with your whole legal name. We’re good but we are not mind readers.

  • Gerald B Updegraff

    It was probably only corrected because the sons change of address expired (12 months). The extract code to forward the mail would have been Broo and last 3 numbers of house. even if the son did individual change the system would have forwarded the fathers. This also happens at apartment complexes with same street number that may have 200 apartments. if someone with last name jones moves out the other 5 jones families that live there may find their mail being forwarded regardless of apartment number!