Salt Lake City- home of the last USPS REC site

SALT LAKE CITY — It’s the place where “bottom of the barrel” mail gets sent to be deciphered—The United States Postal Service remote encoding center (REC). And the only center of its kind left in the U.S. is located in Salt Lake City.

Located on the outskirts of Salt Lake City at 1275 S. 4000 West, the REC processes millions of pieces of poorly-penned mail.

“Every day, we process an average of 4.4 million images of mail pieces,” said Barbara Batin, a senior manager at the REC.

More than 1,200 employees sift through slide after slide of computerized scanned images of mail to decode addresses, zip codes and city and street names on parcels, envelopes and magazines.

Source: Salt Lake USPS facility the last in US to decode poorly penned mailing addresses |