Ohio homeowner’s surveillance camera catches Amazon driver tossing packages

LAKEWOOD, Ohio – A Lakewood homeowner’s surveillance camera captured a delivery driver carelessly toss two Amazon packages onto the front porch Monday afternoon.

Neighbors said the ‘air mail’ delivery isn’t an isolated incident.

The driver, who reportedly works for a private company contracted out by Amazon to make deliveries, also tossed other packages in the neighborhood that day, neighbors said. In some of those cases, the items were broken.

“I just thought these guys are getting a bit lazy. They will take a couple of extra seconds to walk it up the stairs and place the package down,” said one of the residents. “It made me a little angry to find out that others people were concerned about this issue.”

Source: Lakewood homeowner’s surveillance camera catches delivery driver tossing Amazon packages – News 5 Cleveland

  • tsumani

    If the homeowner only Knew how much those packages are tossed and thrown BEFORE it even get loaded on the delivery truck. That all happens as part of the sortation process.

  • Robert Healey

    as a postal worker for the past 34 years on a scale of 1-10 that that complaint and STORY gets less than 1…those packages are designed to be handled roughly,these examples are not a throw but basically a slide, i have slid thousands of pkgs avoiding stairs,for one they are dangerous at time yes, like yours they are snow covered, probably painted with no anti slip sand, just like that amazon guy, i would have not walked up your stairs that day myself,you would have your pkg too, cause you would have gotten the reach up and slide,because like yourself when the homeowner does not have clear path to mailbox or mail drop,ones safety is always first. maybe keep them out of the weather if possible but consensus says people don’t want notices for pkgs they want them left… even so most people prefer a wet pkg than no pkg..thats what packaging does…protects things..as for lazy not walking up stairs after 34 years humping mail and walking thousands of miles,that walking figure after a long hard day is near 3-5 miles a day meaning i have walked across america a few times,stretched out with a 35 pound mailbag on my back,so yes your snow covered stairs could have been the issue,you got your pkg’s, the guy didn’t fall down your stairs, and the news crew got to take a ride. and lastly on a good day delivery personnel, as for postal and government service, congress one day wants all mail receptacles off the house and placed on property line meaning the mail carrier does not step one foot on any private property, like we shouldn’t. this avoids a lot of unimportant complains from the general public who can’t figure things out for themselves…just saying…

  • NothingSound

    I can get a clean shot into a hamper 20 feet away every time! That’s what 20+ years of sorting parcels will get ya!